Thursday, March 8, 2018

Meet the Joys

March 21st is World Down syndrome day.  For those who don't know, Down syndrome is a result of there being a 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome, so the numbers 3/21 are special to those of us in this community.

In honor of this day,  I reached out to the Joy family who I knew were in the process of adopting another child with Down syndrome from China and asked if we could help support them.  In the past (and sometimes still) China has deemed children with DS "unadoptable" so I love it when families like the Joys step up, shout their worth, and prove them wrong.

 I asked Marta to share some of their story, and here's what she had to say...

"We are Kevin, Marta, Greyson, Kasia and Mila — adopted from China last year. God opened our hearts to Down Syndrome right before we brought our Mila home last year. 
Around the same time we saw Elora's face and fell absolutely in love. We hoped there was a chance she would be ours. We began sponsoring Elora - so that she could receive a life saving heart surgery. Despite the doctors saying Elora was too old and that she was inoperable — thousands prayed and fought for this girl! Donations from followers poured in as Meredith Toering at Morning Star Foundation garnered support. Elora's surgery was a great success. 
The next hurdle would be getting her orphanage to write her file. WACAP - Elora's agency fought for a year to get her file to be written to - no avail. We waited and waited and finally we sent in a photo of us with Mila to show the orphanage that children with Down Syndrome are loved, wanted and cherished dearly. After 9 months of pleading and prayer we received a phone call --- Elora's file has indeed been prepared! We are so very excited to bring Elora Meredith Joy home! 
Isn't it awesome that because of their persistence and strong love for her, this sweet girl now has a family?!  I am just so excited for them!

Elora means God’s light, so the Joys wanted this included in their necklace.  Half of the proceeds from this "Shine Your Light" necklace and any other orders placed this month will be donated to the Joy family to help bring Elora home!  

Friends, let's rally around them and help bring her home!  Head on over to the shop to place your order!  You can follow along with their story on Marta's Instagram @chosenforjoy.  Also, if you would like to make a further donation, you can do so here.
Hundreds of children with Down syndrome are still waiting for their families to find them.  If you happen to feel your heart tugged in this direction,  you should visit where you can see the precious faces and profiles of some of these waiting children.  And even if not, there are many other ways to be a part of orphan should still go check out this awesome organization!    God bless, and thank you for your support!

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